Photo Comparisons (Using the same phone + Lens) and Random Shots Around Home <3

I'm a photographer at heart and I really like taking photos using my phone since I don't have any decent camera, but I think the quality of camera phones have these days are actually pretty good.

Earlier today, I went around the garden both in our front and backyard and took some snaps of various plants. It's my first time doing so this year, so I did something I've always wanted to do... make some photo comparisons using the same phone.

I'm using Realme 8 pro and it takes decent photos compared to my previous phones. What I like about it is that it has a feature which allows macro-photography. My previous phone doesn't have one, so I just used a cheap macro-photography lens I bought online.

What I did today was take three various photos of the same thing.

  • ONE: using the normal photo setting
  • TWO: using the built-in macro-photography lens
  • THREE: using both the built-in and my old macro-photography lens

Here's the clip-on macro-lens I used in the third photo. I hope you enjoy the differences. :)

Let's Start!!!!

Here's my baby Arashi taking a nap on the table while my parents and I were busy doing various stuff. I focused on his nose because it's too cute. In this round, I think the second photo is the best. The third one isn't very clear... maybe because I couldn't get any nearer so as not to disturb him. haha

This is one of the cute cacti my mama has in her garden. I used to keep one inside my room, but I think they're happier outside. Anyway, I like the third picture the most because the thorny parts were very visible and emphasized. How about you? :)

Do you know this kind of orchid? We call it "The Dancing Lady" because of the obvious reason that it looks literally like that. I personally like picture 2. :) For the record, it was quite difficult to focus when taking the normal setting because it was quite windy and the ladies were dancing. lol

We have a huge "Talisay tree" in our front yard and its trunk has some moss, so I took these pictures as well. I like the third one because you can really see the details... of course not at the level of high-end cameras, but isn't it awesome for a phone + macro-lens? :)

I know this is pretty random, but I couldn't help it. We usually place some rice grains on a small platform for the numerous sparrows that visit us every day. This is already the second batch since they consumed the first one. And obviously, I'd choose the third shot. The second shot would have been better if I focused it better. hmmmn~ <3

This is the last entry for the photo comparison. It's a budding rose. I personally like the first one due to various reasons. First, I like how the blurry background looks when I focused on the bud. Second, it was a struggle to focus on it because it was on a high place and it was windy.

That's it for the photo comparisons!
What do you think about the shots? Which ones do you like? :)

Apart from these photos, I also took some shots of my mama's new plants. Here they are. :)

Recently, we started planting some vegetables in our front yard. We don't have a huge place to do so, so we keep them in a pot... but we're planning to transfer them to a bigger place next time when they grow even bigger. For now, we have lemon grass, eggplant and bok choy (Chinese cabbage).

Our Talisay tree is so beautiful! The weather isn't very fine, though. It's gloomy, but it was actually sunny when I went out earlier. haha

Aside from these new plants and the Talisay tree in the front yard, I also took a couple photos of our medicinal plants in the backyard. It's really useful to have these plants at home and they've grown beautifully well.

We have a bunch of Aloe Vera in a pot. haha The other one is Mayana plant which is a natural analgesic. :) It grew quite big, so we transferred it to an old basin. We have other types of mayana plant in a pot, too.

And to end this post, I want to share another picture of our baby Arashi. He's camera shy, so please bear with the side view. hahaha

Thanks a bunch for checking this post out. I hope you enjoyed my shots despite using a smartphone. I made some adjustments to the photos using Photoscape as well. See you around! :)

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