Conceptual Studio Photoshoot : Geisha

This is another conceptual photoshoot that I did with @tommyl33 years back.

This Photoshoot concept was called "Geisha"

Geisha also knows as Geiko or Geigi are female Japanese performance artist and entertainer that being trained to perform the traditional Japanese dance, music and singing.

Source info of Geisha can be read here

This was the black and white version of the photoshoot that I posted before.

  1. /@tawadak24/black-and-white-photography-challenge-7
  2. /@tawadak24/black-and-white-photography-challenge

It was very challenging to do the photoshoot. At first we arrived on the new studio, the air conditioner was not yet available. So we had to use only the fan.

Luckily one of the room inside the studio which is the office had small AC, so all the makeup, hairdo and wardrobe was done inside that room while us the photographer had to setup the props on the set without any AC. Imagine how hot it is inside a studio with only fan? And to be honest the outcome really paid of all the sweat!

Here are the photos taken after retouched. I hope you guys will like it.


Pink Geisha


Pink Geisha with Blue Geisha

Photographer @tawadak24
Camera Canon 70D | 50mm f1.8
EXIF f/9 | 1/200 | ISO250 | 50mm

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