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St Marys Church

For todays post I am going to share a few shots of St Marys Church in South Dartmouth, I am not sure when it was built, it not s old clearly as some of the older churches here but its a nice church with its pure white paint and steeple.

As part of the Dreemport initiative @dreemsteem selects a challenge each week for members to join if they so wish, and this week the challenge is the Thoughtful Daily Post created and supported by @wesphilbin A person I have known for quite a while on Hive, and one who is very active in many communities, Let me explain the concept in his own words
“The tag #thoughtfuldailypost can be applied to any post that speaks of positivity, uplifting topics, inspiration, reflection (especially self-reflection), deep musings about our human nature, spiritual aspects, and other philosophical inclinations. Despite the word "daily" in the tag, it is not necessary to write a post every day to participate — a single post of a thoughtful nature is welcome any time! We need more positivity and thoughtfulness in the world, now more than ever!”

Now last week I joined this challenge, and thought that would be a once and done situation as I am not confident in my writing, but i got so many positive comments about my thoughts and the post, I thought why not lets do it again

The focus of the photos in this post is St Marys church in Dartmouth, so lets share a photo before I get into my thoughts.

mf St Marys Church.jpg

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Now why a church is the subject of the photos in this post is it relates in part to the thoughts I will share now, and secondly I couldn't think of any other of my photos what would fit.

Thoughtful Daily post content

Actions speak louder than rituals

I was thinking after a situation happened last week about a saying we used a few times to describe a colleague in the field,

They talk the talk but do not walk the walk

I am sure anyone reading this post, has come across people like that they love to talk about what they could do, but never actually do it, and that can be in regards to so many things, but in all honesty they fade from memory fairly quickly.
The people we remember are often the quieter people who just get out there and do it, whether work related, helping with those in need, charity work etc etc.

now the saying that may be more related to this thought is

* Actions speak louder than words*

So why you ask did I choice use the word actions instead of words, well that's where St Mary's church fits into this post, and it relates to any church for that matter.

My Parents were practicing catholics and that's how I was brought up, going to Mass every Sunday and on other special days, but although I do go to church occasionally these days I do not feel the need myself to go every Sunday, and that in part is I saw some in our church growing up, who were I guess one would say Pillars of the Church, up doing readings during mass, dressed all formal in a suit and tie, but when I got older and could go to bars, nightclubs etc, I saw on more than one occasion more than one of these supposed pillars of the church, behaving and acting in ways that is far from what a good Christian should do, I will not go into detail but you may get the point.

I often, if I am out walking and pass by a church that is open, pop in for a minute and say in my own way my prayers, but I am not fixed that it has to be a church of a particular denomination.

So to make a long story short my thought is

Live your life to be proud of what you do any time of any day, from my life experience I have found that the people that do the most, do not feel the need to be telling everyone about it.
I am not saying talking isn't a good thing, to be honest I am not a big talker and often hide in the background in groups, which is also not a good thing, like with many things in life finding a good balance is key

And that's the end of the thoughtful part of the post, lets get back to my normal rambling on about photos I have taken

@samsmith1971 in our comment exchange on last weeks post I mentioned i had done a voice memo of a thought that came to mind at that time and that I referred to in making this post

These shots were taking last year before Lulus broken hip and time in Hospital, you can see her taking photos in this next shot

mf St Marys Church-2.jpg

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That said last year before the churches went mainly virtual masses for a while my wife and I did go to this church for mass once or twice a week.

Ohh did I mention this is a Catholic Church I don't think I did, but now I have :)

My Parents were Catholic so I was brought up a catholic, and that's why when I do feel like going to a service I generally go to a catholic church.
When I worked in NY often on my walks I would pass by churches, and often stop in and spend a few minutes there and say some prayers in my own way.

The one sad thing I have noticed is many churches in various places I find are locked either at all times other than when there is a service, or over night and early morning, and I find that kind of a sad comment on our society these days as I guess that is to stop people from coming in and vandalizing, when I was growing up down Under churches were open 24/7, and it was common for most people to leave there front door unlocked at least during the day, times have changed but not always for the better.

mf St Marys Church-3.jpg

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In my travels around the world I have seen many Churches and cathedrals, so look dramatic and intense and some look calming and inviting, which I think is the case with this church.

mf St Marys Church-4.jpg

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A shot down the side of the church

mf St Marys Church-5.jpg

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Where you can see subtle but beautiful stained glass windows

mf St Marys Church-6.jpg

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mf St Marys Church-7.jpg

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I have a few things going on in my life at the moment, that is keeping my mind busy, I won't bore you with the details, so sorry I 'been visiting posts and commenting as much as usual, I do read a lot of post, but struggling to find words to write.

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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