Bride and groom's happy moment (Culture)

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Today I want to share a little happiness where I accompany my friend to get married or visit the bride's house with a group from my village. This was a beautiful moment and impression, where many people flocked to see off the bride and groom, we walked 20km for this happy moment where there would be a welcome from the bride in the village.

Apart from this beautiful moment, there is our culture which we still uphold to this day with the traditional clothes worn by the groom. So far, culture is number one in this modern era, there is something unique, namely that everyone will be happy at this event.

We from the group brought lots of supplies such as fruit, food, as well as clothing and cosmetics and other souvenirs which the groom would hand over to his sweetheart. I could see how traditional this event was, with the innocent faces of the villagers who were really missed in this era.

Some of the food served on the table can be eaten to the heart's content by invited guests who come, small children with joy and beautiful colors worn on their clothes. We also felt an extraordinary welcome there, as if we had just come from far away to enjoy the food served by the host for the group of guests.

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