A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words || 💬 DREAM ABOVE THE CLOUD ☁


I took this photo on my trip abroad and it always gives me the beginning of a distant land and a feeling of emptiness.Inevitably, I find myself in a fiction, a thought.
As if seeing the end or beginning of the world ..

Mount Kaf
If I see foggy clouds and sky like this, the legend of Mount Kaf comes to my mind for some reason.I don't know if it would be better editing than this :)
The reason is Kaf Mountain, which is located behind such mists, is a place of different dimensions, made of emerald, which is generally believed to surround the world, behind which there are fairies.
It is also said that the Phoenix of Persian mythology lived on this mountain.
It is said that normal people cannot be reached here. Do we know what these clouds are under the sky?

As if the place they call the afterlife should be like this, cotton candy clouds are like a foggy universe.

The sky has an air that tells people about peace, but it also makes you feel helpless. We are actually nothing in this world. It shows that the place we live in is not real and that we belong to the other universe. It makes me feel that. We grew up as children dreaming that we were above the clouds. Now our dreams have changed. In this ugly world, we are tiny particles of dust that fly away meaninglessly in a universe intended to be ruled by others. Maybe it's time to find our way.

It takes some air, some sky, and a pinch of love to feel good about our peace and psychology

If the clouds don't cry, how the greenery laughs? Hz. Mevlâna


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