"Touch of Silk“

Tonight quote from the book "Touch of Silk"
Đorđe Balašević

Today I am sentimental and tender ...
And that happened to me because I was photographing a butterfly..


"Sometimes I dream of landscapes I haven't seen, and I know them from somewhere…
I dream of quiet green spaces without roads and people, hanging round and soft as giant mosses, I dream of them, as if flying over them, some fallen, endless hills bordering on infinity, and to which you have to climb from the plain and descend from the mountain to them…


I flipped through the mighty books, hoping that the Secret would only shine among the pages, like a pressed leaf of tinfoil, I flipped through the mighty clouds, nibbling on that sweet grass that grows only at the foot of Youth, I listened to what the Smart Ones said, inverted figures, and then I swam even to the other shore of Waiting, and only from there did I see that the churches of wisdom are where I come from…


Fortunately, their peaks rose above the forest of time high enough for me to orient myself further…
For years, I recklessly searched for the Sages by their appearance, long nails, or gray beards, and they, disguised as grocers and coachmen, long ago whispered the three greatest wisdoms of the world somewhere along the way…
If only we were alive and well.
All in good time.


Are you or aren't you?
Sometimes the hardest thing is to do something Easy, and the most complicated is to figure something Simple.



I hope you liked this quote ... it is only a part .... you have an insight into what the book is like ...
I translated with the help of Google translate and my source is


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