Photography not for good looking but for the Peace of mind


Hello to all of you, hope you will be well,
Many of you who are in this community all know about photography or like photography, and in the same way I also like photos very much.
My friends take my pictures and upload them on social accounts. It's me or my friends take it and I add it here sometimes.
I'm going to tell you what these pictures are what I have taken for myself or my cousin has taken it for me and I hope all of you will like it very much, some of these pictures are of the camera and some pictures are of the mobile.
And the mobile on which I have captured is not the iPhone or Samsung Mobile, but huwae mobile and then i have edited it with a lot of effort.

Now witness My Photography


I edit all these pictures on the Lightroom and Yousafzai1122 was my username on my social accounts.
Nowadays, the time is very less, so I can not take most of the pictures, but when I get a chance, then I do it very well.
So how was my photography? Let me know in comment section, Also support the post.

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