Springtime #wednesdaywalk

Yellow Daffodil

Welcome to my #WednesdayWalk hosted by @tattoodjay. Today I walked around my yard and took some shots of springtime 😎🌻🌞🌻😎

Orange/Yellow Daffodil

I started with some daffodils because everyone loves pretty flowers.

Daffodil cluster

These are daffodils I recently transplanted to a place where I can see them more often 🙂


No growth in the garden yet but lots of seedlings started in the garage. All my walks start in the garage. We never use the front door lol

Bee balm

I walked along the drive and checked out some of flower beds. We planted this bee balm last year and it is starting to spread for us. The more the merrier.


These phlox (I think 😳) are coming back strong too.

Cherry tree

Next I went down to the end of the drive where we planted some cherry trees last year. They look nice and healthy. We didn't get any cherries last year but that was their first year. Hopefully this year 🤞

Pear tree

My pear trees are on a sunny slope and they love it. They grew more than any of the fruit trees I planted last year. They already have some blooms starting!

Apple tree

At the top of the slope are a couple of apple trees. They are doing well also. I think this slope is the best place in my yard for fruit trees. I'm going to plant a couple more pear trees on the slope this year.


Walking over to the other side of my yard, I have three crab apple trees. Two of the crabapples have red leaves.


Finally I went out to the garden. I have some raspberries on the edge of the garden. The raspberries are already leafed out. I planted two plants and a couple more "volunteer" raspberries came up between them lol. There were some wild raspberries in this area before I cleared it for the garden.

That ends my short #WednesdayWalk focused on all things springtime. Have a great day! Thanks for checking out my post 🙏

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