Quick flower focused WednesdayWalk

Welcome to my #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay. For my followers, I'm BACK. Just returned from awesome trip to Miami. Pictures will be coming but this morning I got out for a quick Wednesday Walk.


I focused on some blooms. Trees are just starting to bloom here. In fact they came out during the last week while I was gone. This is a serviceberry tree in front of my house.

Cherry tree

At the end of our drive are a couple of cherry trees we planted last year. There are a couple of blossoms on both trees.

Pear tree

Of all the trees I planted last year, the pear trees are doing best.

Wet pear closeup

Walking back up the hill from the road, There are 4 pear trees now.

Pear blossoms

These groups of white blooms are gorgeous right now.

Mock Cherry

Along the edge of the woods at the top of the hill is a black cherry tree. It will have clusters of small white flowers soon.

Apple tree

I walked over to the apple trees on the other side of the yard. I have 6 apple trees. None have blossomed yet but this one is soooo close.

Trillium plant

We miss our daily walk to the lake when we travel so we continued down the road.

Red Trillium bloom

A lovely red trillium was on the edge of the woods along the road! This is the first time I have seen trillium at our new place in Vermont. What a nice find 😍 Get out there for your own #wednesdaywalk and see what you discover 🙂

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