Historic Corolla Village


Welcome to my #MarketFriday post hosted by @dswigle. I started with a nice photo to draw you all in 😁 Sunrise over the beach on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. But what would a vacation be without some shopping?

Follow the signs

This looks promising...

Corolla Historic Village

After a gorgeous sunrise we went for a walk into historic Corolla village.

Juice Jar

We found the Juice Jar. Looks yummy but we are in the offseason and its not open this early.

Juice Jar menu board

I'm always a fan of beet juice as a change of pace I think I would go for a "Drop the Beet". At $8.50 its not cheap but fresh juice never is...

Info board

Here's a quick primer on add-ins. I like wheatgrass sometimes.


I haven't tried CBD but lots of people swear by it for chronic pain or just to take the edge of daily stress.

A long way from San Francisco

The ocean is only 0.3 miles 🙂 an easy walk. 2545 miles to my old home in San Francisco. Vermont didn't make the sign 🤣 but its about 700 miles. We stopped in North Carolina and visited with some family on the way to Florida.

Live Oak

What an inviting place to a leisurely lunch under a lovely old live oak!

Corolla BBQ

Love the oversized flag catching the cool breeze 😍

BBQ shop

I'll admit checking out the BBQ stand was my main reason for walking into the village 😊 We came back for lunch and had the BBQ Pork sandwich with coleslaw on top of course. It was delicious. $8 was pretty reasonable for this kind of place in a vacation area.

Kayak Excursions

We also wandered by this outdoor touring company.

Cute Kayak rental shop

Really cute place but no time on this trip. What a fun little village 👍 Hope you enjoyed my #marketfriday!

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