Duke #wednesdaywalk

Crab apple blossoms

Welcome to my #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay.


I'm just getting back from a trip. We stopped in North Carolina and ended up taking a short walk around Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.


It's a beautiful campus. A friend of the family will likely be going there next year so we stopped by to check it out.

Looking up

Duke Chapel more info here was the highlight of our walk.


North Carolina is in full on spring with crab apple trees and tulips in bloom plus all the trees are leaving out.

View from the quad

We also walked around the quad in front of the chapel. Duke's campus is collegiate gothic.

Chapel Tower

The tower is 210 ft tall dominating the campus and one of the tallest buildings in Durham.

Student Union

We stopped by the book store for some swag. I love the scoreboard in the adjacent student union. Go Blue Devils 🙂 Happy #wednesdaywalk!

<spoiler alert!> I have lots more photos from my trip lol

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