Ammolofoi Beach, a Piece of Heaven on Earth - Entry to BeachWednesday Contest

I recently returned from a week-long trip on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast on the occasion of my birthday in May, so I can't miss the current edition of the wonderful #beachwednesday contest.

But today I will not show you photos from Bulgaria. I will show you a place that I know will surprise you. Because suddenly it turns out that to see such beautiful views and enjoy a wonderful summer vacation, you do not need to fly to exotic islands. If you are a European it is even easier. And this information is very useful right now, with all these travel restrictions. And do you know what I realized recently - now that the pandemic is about to pass, it has actually become much harder to travel, unlike last year, in the heart of the pandemic. So, think wisely and make rational choices 😉


So, that's Ammolofoi Beach in Northern Greece - a piece of paradise that impressed even me, who has always been skeptical about why Bulgarians have been filling Greek beaches for years, even though they have their own easily accessible 200km beach. Well, there is a reason for that. Many reasons, actually.



Well, my visit to a Greek beach is actually only one so far, but a memorable one.

Here, on this beautiful beach. This little piece of Heaven.

Because I have a special relationship with the sea in general.

One that can kill me.


I'm a bit like those people who are allergic to chocolate but can't live without it, or allergic to strawberries, and strawberries are their favorite fruit.
Not that I'm allergic to beaches. (Well, to some extent it can be said that I am allergic to the beaches of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in the high summer season, but this is another topic that I have already mentioned in another post.)


It's about the sun, which can kill any of us, by the way, but it can kill me a little easier because of my very delicate and white skin.


But, this post was not meant to be about me. But to serve as information and recommendation to all of you, lovers of the sea, sun and beaches, all my kindred sensitive souls, attracted by the water.


We all know what staying close to water ponds gives us. What the sea, the sand, the sun and the beaches give us.

Something that the threat of death cannot take away.

Copyright: @soulsdetour

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