My friends in a bathtub for the World Photography Day

Almost all of my posts here at Hive are about my photographic work. Thanks to these posts, I have been revisiting and analyzing old work with another perspective.
After all, I am definitely no longer the same dreamy girl who made most of these photos years ago.

This has been a creative refuge, almost like a journal where I can explore my old images and think a bit about what they mean (especially to myself).

I was sliding my finger across my Twitter feed a few hours ago and noticed that today is World Photography Day. Again I stopped for a few minutes to think about my relationship with this technique (and art!) and felt like sharing these images here.

In all these years, my work has been permeated by photos that involve nudity in its rawest form, and not necessarily erotic. And I like this link I have built with photography to express my deepest (and sometimes incomprehensible) thoughts.

These photos were made in 2014, in an abandoned factory in the city of Campinas, São Paulo, using two friends as models.

The bathtub was a totally unexpected setting and I was happy to find it in a bathroom in the house where the company's office used to be.

I hope you enjoy it. And for those who are NFT collectors, many of my images can be found at my Hic et Nunc profile.


IMG_6537 - Cópia.JPG

IMG_6534 - Cópia.JPG

IMG_6468 - Cópia.JPG

IMG_6492 - Cópia.JPG

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