📷 Clouds in the Landscape

Clouds can vary the overall appearance of a photo. They are different — light cirrus or cumulus, backlit by the sun, or gloomy thunderclouds, or a gray continuous veil, covering the entire sky, and all affect the mood of the picture in their own way.

The beauty of the landscape that we are trying to photograph greatly depends on what kind of clouds are in the sky. Often, if they are voluminous and in places illuminated by the sun, they add liveliness and volume to the photo. I really like such clouds.

The main thing, if the clouds are nice, is to give them more space in the picture, not like in the photo below. I should have shot there in the distance with larger clouds and a strip of water in the foreground, but it is not always possible to figure it out on the spot :)

And also — a nice bonus — clouds can give absolutely bizarre and beautiful shadows. So we can look down, not up, and watch the dark spots of their shadows paint the ground, moving swiftly across it.

It's better to watch the photo in high resolution.

Exposure time: 1/100 sec
Aperture: F 8
Sensitivity: ISO 200
Focal length: 150 mm
35 mm equivalent: 300 mm

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