The Appeal Of Sea Birds - My best bird photos!

I spend a lot of time at sea.

The wind, the waves, the tide - you are surrounded by just nature. Often times, specially if I took long sails, the only life you see are fishes like dolphins or the occasional flying fish. These are always a highlight but very very hard to get a good photo of. I always thought getting a dolphin jumping in front of a sunset is a one in a million opportunity and thus far I did not succeed.

But if you are coming closer to any land you start to see birds. Some are flying very close to the water. Often it seems that they fly within the waves and you just have to stare at this creature doing it things. Its these moments that make me appreciate nature even more. Be in the moment, be one and just enjoy.


I think I took this one on the way from

Gibraltar to north Spain on the Atlantic. You see some typical Atlantic waves here, even though they don't seem so big but let me tell you: If your vantage point changes this much that the waves are actually over the horizon you do have some pretty big waves. They are not really a problem since they are far apart from each other and you just go over them. On this occasion, this sea bird made me a huge gift in being at the right time in the right spot FOR ME. Thank you!


This is a classical Dutch photo without

seeing a lot of Dutchiness in it :-D - You can see these a lot in the Netherlands. Unfortunately I am not an ornithologist so I cant remember the name. I am sure some one told me once but to be honest. All I need to know is that they are beautiful and most of the time quite majestic! You know the name of these sea birds? Let me know in the comments please.


Ah yes. The coast of Denmark.

I remember this eve quite vividly because it was build out of extraordinary beauty. The mood was just fantastic.


From time to time I try to make new or different things

regarding my photography and here I tried a black and white version of a moody day. The cloud pattern tells me that there is some sun coming up soon while the water seems so flat. Lovely to have a flying companion on our side.


And another photo from the Atlantic.

I just love these waves. We where close to the birthplace of Vasco da Gama close to Lisbon in Portugal. I am not quite sure why the birds flew into the sunset, so: to west but I guess they were on a little fishing trip. Regardless of what they were doing, this scenery screemd at me: TAKE A PHOTO!!! and so I did. Love this one.

Thanks for checking out this post!

p.s. I do appreciate all critique - please give me your input!

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