Droning on....

A good few years ago, I photodocumented the construction of my football teams new home.. Rotherham United's - New York Stadium..

I spend many hours around the ground, getting inside with contractors and shot it from above with friends in a little Cessna 172 plane..



One thing we never got round to, was taking to the air in the dark, which was something I really wanted to do to get some images of the ground from the air with the floodlights on.

However, one thing that this bloody pandemic has been useful for is the chance for me to get my drone near(ish) to the ground... With no crowds allowed to the game, I was able to get my drone up in the air to take a few images of it...

I couldnt pilot it close to the ground, we've still got to stay to the rules, but its easier when theres not 12000 fans and staff dotted around the place.

With game's running out this season, and especially night games where the floodlights were on, I had to get these images, hopefully fans will be allowed back into stadiums next season, if that happens, I wouldnt be able to do this...

Shot using DJI Mini 2, height of around 300ft.