Municipality of Lobo Batangas and long river bridge.

Reconstruction of Municipality office.

As I walk down the streets and looked up into the sky, I'm amazed.

But how about having a good looking and well ventilated Municipality? If it fully furnished, it'll be the largest Municipal Office around Batangas Region. It is not only good to have well furnished building but to have the best officials to serve the country, and it's stakeholders. Rooting for the best officials this year!

Municipal Office plan.

Through the initiative of Senator Manuel Lito Lapid, this will be the Official Office Municipality of Lobo.

Why do bridges important?

Bridge does connect people in different regions as well as the ones who's far away from you. Bridges symbolizes connectivity, it also gives you peace whenever you look the view of it. It is best for jogging, exercising and etc. This bridge is along the river of Lobo. Best place to meditate hmmm.

Why must our river have dikes?

Due to a high risk from floods a year ago, the government build a dike around the river of lobo. This dike will be the best way to minimize water as it enters the river and prevent to overflow.

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