Photography Lovers End of Year Contest

Hi there, this is my entry to "Photography Lovers End of Year Contest".

Below are some of the best images I took during this year.

Not many people got the chance of going out on trips and meeting new people due to the pendemic but it didn't stop me, This picture was taken by me during my trip to the Chamoli District, Uttrakhand in the foothills of Himalayas in India taken at the start of October. It was one of the greatest experience of my life. It feels like you have elevated to some greater plane in existense. Truely spectacular!

This picture is special to me in sense that it fills me with many memories of the place and my mind instantantly travels back in time when I was enjoying with my friends and having fun. An interesting story is linked to this picture too. Check out this post to read more about my trip.

This above image looks strange, isn't it? something is missing, looks a bit empty? If you also thinks that, then thats exactly what I wanted you to feel. Taken during the peak of 2nd corona wave in India, the Nation went back again in Lockdown and this image signifies that. The lack of movement and subject amplifies this point. Although, this is not the photo of the year for many of you. It surely is for me.

This monument is called Safdarjung's Tomb, built by a Mughal emporer in the 18th century (not to be confused with the Humayun's Tomb). This is situated in Delhi, India. I want to capture this beautiful architecture. This was taken in Feb this year. The garden surrounding the main tomb is also beautiful. It's a shame that I can't find more pictures from that day, this one is in different folder than other one's. But you can see the architecture and admire the beauty of this monument from this picture alone.

Hope you liked my images. All of these were taken by me. "It ain't much but its an honest work"😉

I still haven't completed my first month here on hive and I love to participate in these amazing contests and challenges. Special thanks to #PhotographyLovers and @derangedvisions for organising it. If you find any mistakes/issues or you have any suggestions please do tell me in the comments below.

Edit -
All the images were taken from my phone - Asus M1 max pro and edited using snapseed app.




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