I'm getting better at this...


When you start re-designing your website, you also look at its content with different eyes...and then I have to admit that there are photos that I find today, uh, less successful.

A perfect reason to rework these photos. Like the above for example...

And to be honest, I almost don't dare to show the original version...but I do it anyway to get your opinion...
So the original looked like this...


And? Was I right to try a re-edit?
And yes, I drove the car a bit backwards on this new version 😉

BTW: I noticed in previous posts that some of you think this “car-series” are paintings…but they are not. It are heavily edited photography’s…

BTW 2: all cars (or bikes) used in these pictures are real and existing. I don’t own those cars but did spot them during my hikes and decided to shoot them because they’re just good-looking or original or vintage. This doesn’t mean that I shot them on the same place as in the final picture… as a matter of fact, I was there but the cars never were…😉 The places in the pictures are mostly interesting or original places… but not always car-friendly 😂

As a final note… I can guarantee that no car or bike has been hurt during the picture-shoot…Please, don't forget to resteem if you like my Vintage Travel series... I'm sure others will like them too!

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