3rd Wedding Photography

Hello everyone and good day to y'all. It's been quite a while since I last posted some photography stuff and it's all due to me being quite busy lately with all the wedding events that have been popping out since I started doing weddings last June 6, 2023. I wish I could share the wedding photos here but that would be unethical since I was paid to do those weddings shots and posting it here to earn money as a side hustle wouldn't sit well to me... So my first two weddings I haven't thought of a way around those limitations until my 3rd wedding last June 24, 2023 where I thought if I would just take photos of the surroundings every now and then during my wedding event work and then use those pictures to be posted here in Hive 😁

As long as my clients or their guests are not in the shot then I'm guessing it's all good right? Don't worry about the kids in the photo coz their backs are against me so you couldn't even tell who they are 😇

Anyways this wedding was held in Denry's Resort in Dalaguete Cebu and man this house is amazing. Yes, you've read it right this is a HOUSE 😱. The story behind this house according to the caretaker of the place is that the owner is a Seaman by profession so he thought why not build a house that looks like a boat and thus this house/resort was born. He didn't really think about making his house a resort at first but his house was so amazing to look at afar that many people asked if they could rent the place out.

At first he didn't want to coz he wanted his house private but after so many inquiries from different people he finally cracked 😅 He hired caretakers to take care of the rented area while he still lives in this house. Yup you've read it right again he is currently living in this house/resort 😁 isn't that amazing?

Just look at that 😱 I wish I had a much wider lens to get it all in frame but sadly this is the only what my 35mm lens is capable of 😅


The picture above is the living room/function room. That woman there is our main photographer since I'm only a second shooter 😁 I love this scene thanks to the reflections on the floor 😍 It doesn't have a lot of space but for small gatherings I guess this living room will do the trick 😁

Having a boat/house you need some water 😁 Thus a swimming pool is required plus a seaman life saver? 😲

Since there are quite a lot of glass in this place I couldn't resist taking reflection photos 😉 These are some of the best reflection shots I've gotten that day excluding the reflection composition shots of the bride 😁


If you've read some of my photography blogs you might already know but I am a firm believer of the term "Save The Best For Last" and thus I present to you guys the best photo that day according to my taste 😁

I hope I wouldn't need to explain why I think this is the best I've taken that day. It's not perfect sure but to me it's almost there 😁 and I'm proud of it regardless 😍

I still have 2 more wedding photos lined up and I don't think I'll be able to fully catch up with my posting of events as there's so many events lining up this month of July as well. Tomorrow we have a reunion photography event in Cebu City 😁 I'm just happy with all the blessings I've gotten since I started to go professional. I know my shots aren't really that great but I'm learning each time and hopefully I can take breathtaking shots that will attract the attention of even the best of the best photographers here in Hive 😎


NOTE: All Photos/Images used in this blog was taken by and owned by me. You can use these photos however you like but please put a backlink to this post right here and a backlink of my profile here on hive. Thank you and Have a Great Day Everyone!

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