Design Museum, Barcelona (Disseny Hub) - And a tip on working the scene

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share a few pictures of this building, it’s the Design Museum of Barcelona. Its shape is very unique. You kind of feel that it is going to fall on you if you are under it!

But I also want to talk about a techinque (well, kind of) I use when taking these kind of pictures. I think they call it “work the scene”.

As its name says, you have to work the scene. That means not focusing only on the main picture and leave the spot. Try to find different angles, new perspectives, some details you want to enhance. This will give you a whole lot more pictures of the same subject and leaving you with a lot of pictures to choose from for telling a better story than just one picture.

In this particular case, I started with the most iconic photo of the place, the one with the reflection on the water, and then I walked 360 degrees around it, photografying whatever caught my eye that day. I’ve been in this spot other times and the photos were different. Let your eye guide you.

This is the main picture I was talking before:


After taking a few pictures from this spot I started walking to de left and went just under it. This is where I say that you feel it will fall! (but it won't! :P)


As I continued walking I noticed that the sun was reflecting on the windows. I just adjusted my position (with my feet xd) so it was visible and took the shot


And finally, I noticed that La Sagrada Familia was reflecting on the window also! I changed my lens and took a closer shot of this detail.


I am not, by any means, an expert, but this works for me and wanted to share it with all of you!

As always, pictures taken with Fujifilm X-T3.

I hope you like them!

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