22 hours distance between the two climates of Ukraine ... // 25 original photos by @olga.maslievich


At a distance of 22 hours by train are two different parts of my Ukraine, as two different countries! And this wonderful observation and transfer from one climate to another is extremely exciting! Suddenly, having traveled by train night and day, I found myself in the Ukrainian steppe, where among the dry, sun-burned grass grow dried flowers of amazing beauty!



So I went from summer to autumn, visiting again the beautiful place where the Earth meets the sea! And there, for 9 days, we walked along the shore, covered with blue - purple shells, under gray cumulus clouds, which left shadows on the sea and created a feeling of a warm blanket, but which did not protect us from the winds blowing there from all four corners of the world...



A wonderful calm envelops my soul as I walk barefoot on the wet sand for hours, collecting small pebbles and empty shells that were once huts for hermit crabs.



And in the midst of this realm of stones, I am purified and hardened... Every year the sea listens to my soul, takes away my fatigue and fills me with its great good energy!



The waves sing their song, sway on the waves of the seagull ... The sea draws patterns on the stones, and I make many frames of the waves, which are unique moments of my life near this giant bath.



The sun sets over the sea ... Again the crimson burning edge of the sky, which foretells a strong wind. After all, the wind is always here, he changes direction several times a day and you only need to give him your body so that he cleans every cell of the old and unnecessary ...



The last day by the sea was warmer and the sea was quiet, as if It wanted to leave a nice impression :) Such were our emotions and feelings on this day ...


I always have my favorite lime blossom with me on the trip, which I collect with my own hands in my native village. It's like a mascot! But when I had a fever for a few days, my husband collected rose hips for me - and here are two teas, as two parts of one whole - medicinal plants of Ukraine!



Last look at the trail on the steep clay cliffs where we walked near the sea for 9 days. I am grateful to God for this wonderful paradise, which I discovered on the edge of Rybakivka, Odessa region. Orange mountains filled with the southern sun... And so, we are going again by train Mykolaiv - Lviv to the land of linden and sunflowers, to my native village Rokytne, Lviv region, where the magical Indian summer has begun and soon a wonderful time of golden autumn will come, where the aromas of fallen leaves of beeches and hornbeams, under which mushrooms are hidden!



We have arrived! We are greeted by ripe pumpkins and fires in the fields of peasants ... And the first meeting with our native forest, where at sunset there is a gate lit by a golden glow. It's as if my daughters and dog got into a fairy tale!




My dear magic sun! Two days ago I escorted you across the sea, and today you give me your last ray, hiding behind the mown stubble.
Blue smoke spreads over the ground ...




I always enjoy traveling on planet Earth with my dear daughters!


I hope you also enjoyed moving from the southern steppe of Odessa region to the mountainous forest area of ​​Lviv region.
Thank you for your visit 😀

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