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My name is Nusrat Jahan My home is Bangladesh. I am a college student. I have just started studying in college.

Welcome to photography I am from Bangladesh and from the roof of my house I want to share with you a few pictures The names of the flowers were Nayan Tara flowers which are on the roof of my house. I like to take pictures. A few days ago I collected a few of these flowering plants and left them on my roof. Now the flowers have started to bloom there. Every day 20 to 25 pieces of flowers bloom here.



The pictures were taken with a very nice mobile to see the calls and I need to find a little on the roof of the house. Every day there are several types of flowers here and bloom.


I water them behind the trees every day in the morning and in the afternoon. I have a very healthy normal way of watering due to watering twice a day and every day the abnormal condition is blooming beautiful flowers.


Eye star flowers are usually in three colors red white and blue. But a person around me says it is purple. I have never seen it in purple, but I hope to see it inshallah.


He tells me again that I saw the red color above the blue color which means it may be blue color but not purple color. This is his wrong idea.


My older sister says she saw purple on the roof. But I never see a purple flower, I think the flower fell before I went to the tree. He is laughing at me and shouting loudly, "Why do you need to write these? In fact, your friends say you don't need to write these."

He tells me again that he has never seen red and blue in his life but a little while ago he told me that he has seen purple but there is no blue on my roof, there is white and purple and red.

Thanks to all of you for reading my post!

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