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My name is Nusrat Jahan My home is Bangladesh. I am a college student. I have just started studying in college.

Good evening friends, I hope everyone is well. I have come to you today with photography. I will share with you some types of flower graffiti from my girlfriend's garden.


The flower that you can see here in the picture is called the pressed flower. These flowers have a very nice scent. This flower is very beautiful to look at. There are a few flowering plants in the garden. It is strange to see flowers of different colors.


Here you can see the flowers. This flower originates from a cactus type tree. This flower blooms near that. That tree has a lot of glue. And there are cuts. If this tree cannot be touched then the cutting is to get hurt.



There are mike flowers in their garden. There is a picture of a yellow mike flower in different colors and a blue mike flower. I will give you a picture of a yellow mike flower among you below.



Here in the picture you can see the yellow mike flower which is much bigger than the blue mike flower and its buds are very beautiful and the leaves are much bigger.


Here you can see a very beautiful flower which is a small flower in a big flower. This very beautiful small flower is very small and the big flower has a red color.



There is a beautiful yellow flower on the boundary of the garden. This flower tree is very beautiful. I don't know what the name of this flower tree is. I tried a lot to hear the name of this flower tree but I didn't see my girlfriend's father so I couldn't ask him.


I have shared with you before that we have different types of jaba flowers in Bangladesh. It is a bud of red jaba flower. The flower blooms by presenting this bud in a very beautiful flower.

Photography is a Better Life If you want you can take a photo and see the life of a very beautiful photography. I have been in the photographic life for a few days now and I am enjoying my photography life as a better life.

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Thanks to all of you for reading my post!

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