Little Butterfly Photography


Hello hiver friends in Photography Lover..!
Wherever you are I hope you are always healthy.

Alright, today I want to share my photography results, which I took this photo from my yard, at that time I was in my yard and I saw a small butterfly flying in front of the house.


Soon this little butterfly stopped on the ground and I tried to take a picture of the little butterfly earlier, but I failed and the little butterfly flew again.
Then I waited for this little butterfly to come back down to the ground so I could take a picture, and on the second try I also failed to take a picture because this little butterfly kept flying when I got close to it.

then I stopped for a moment while sitting on the ground and I gave up, I thought that this butterfly was afraid of me, and suddenly this butterfly came down and stopped flying right in front of me who was sitting. On this occasion I tried to take a photo again and I was ready with a smartphone camera in my hand.

Finally I was able to take photography of this little butterfly, and this butterfly started to tame with me and I was free to take pictures as close as possible. As the saying goes, "Effort never betrays results"

This is the result of my photography, you can see it closer.



While in my photography below, the butterfly is no longer afraid of me and I am free to bring my smartphone camera very close to the butterfly.



that's some of my photography that I have captured in my smartphone gallery. That's a little photography story from me today and I'm just learning to be a photographer. If something is lacking, please comment, I hope you like it, thank you.

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