Happy Little Jumping Spiders! Macro photography.

I found this little jumping spider outside yesterday, it's still not an adult, so identification is a bit difficult. I think it would be a female Carrhotus xanthogramma or in Japanese ネコハエトリグモ which translates to "Cat Jumping Spider". It hunts insects though, not cats, nor does it jump over cats! It's possible it is a young female Hasarius adansoni Adanson's Jumping Spider as they do look similar and I have seen the much easier to id males in and on the house.

She was on some bright yellow flowers, I'd recently photographed a crab spider there, but it was absent this day.

A bit closer:

The round black "dot" on the top of the head is one of the last pair eyes, giving it a good view even nearly behind the spider!

Spiders don't have any concept of "rudeness" so here's its butt. At the centre you can see the spinnerets where the spider extrudes silk!

Jumping spiders don't spin webs to catch prey, though they will make hammock like webs to rest in and to protect their eggs.
Mostly they use silk as a life line, anchoring it to something before jumping, sometimes using it to lower themselves from the ceiling!

The previously mentioned male Adanson's Jumping spider hanging out on the wall.
The bold black and white colouration makes these male spiders very easy to identify:

No problems at all walking on a vertical surface!

Have a wonderful day!
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