Bridal Shoes 👠👠👠

Wedding Day's are just like fairy tales , in reality everything feels and looks magical. You can't turn a blind eye to how good looking everything turns out until

But then a wedding isn't complete without a bride and a bride isn't complete with her accessories

These Accessories includes her , hair do , Makeup, and most importantly her dress . But then her shoes , are they really important or we just exaggerating .

Her shoe is also part of the things that makes it a complete day , if she's going to get married she might as well do it in heels 👠👠 too. And it's really encouraging how a bride is also careful with picking her shoes as she is about picking her dress .

I couldn't just hesitate to take pictures and make, beautiful images about the list thought about accessory of a bride .

Most people don't get to see the shoes a bride wear , but some do . It's really amazing that I get to put my lens on this one .

Let's not forget about the most significant item for the whole occasion. I means if it's not available there's literally no Wedding , because both the Bride and Groom have to use it on that day.

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