One Afternoon


It was a boring afternoon staying at the shore. I was alone but as always. I took a glance at my surroundings. It felt like it was yesterday when the world looked so happy. Nothing to worry about like there's nothing wrong with me. Compared now, it feels like something's not right. I don't know if it's part of growing old or part of the current world I'm living in.


The wind blew coldly as the night was coming, proven by the sunset. It was colorful and it left me stunned and amazed. How could this world be filled with such ugliness? The happenings now glistened my cheeks. I didn't know but all of a sudden it left my thoughts full of wonders. Questions were unanswered because I refused to believe them.


I wanted to see smiling faces together with the beautiful sky and sea. Many times I turned my head around to search some but failed. There's none and sad to say at that time it was just me and my emotions that played. I thought what a waste this kind of beauty was not to be seen by everyone. I just took my camera hoping to capture the beauty of it and trying to make it alive. I'm not a pro photographer, all I could wish was to capture the images according to my expectations.


The results were not pretty and even you can tell, right? Then while watching it some memories of my past flashed back. The time when I was younger with my friends. We used to play on the shore with random games. I couldn't remember it all but I could tell the best games I had with my friends. Playing karate, running, and catching, playing the sand, high jump, play-house, throwing a stone, and wishing to be a superhero. What a day I had for that afternoon I must say.


That sunset inspired me to remember the happy days before. I may not experience it again or make it back in time. I was still happy because inside my heart I had great memories. Time may change or the world may not be the same. In my thoughts full of happy memories I will still see the world positively. Someday when I will be older and my friends as well. Time will bring me to them having a conversation even though it will be hard for us to hear each other.


Talking about the old days and will find ourselves smiling for stupid reasons. It feels so lonely, I know. It can't be helped because that's how our life is in this world. No one stays in this world forever because all of us will say goodbyes. It may be painful seeing someone special to us leave. That's life, just like this post there's an ending.

Thank you for reading

images are mine
d' dreamboy,

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