Macro Photography of Several Types of Grasshoppers

Hello friends who love photography, how are you all today, hopefully we are all still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.

Monday 18 September 2023, I want to show again some of the photographic images that I have prepared. For today I have prepared macro photography images of several insects that I found in the wild grass. This morning I took the time to take several pictures of insects perched on wild leaves or wild grass in a certain area. Because insects are small animals, I had to use macro photography techniques so that the insects I photographed could be seen clearly both from the eyes and from other body postures. OK, friends, let's look at the pictures that I have prepared.

Grasshoppers are one of the insects that are very easy to get because usually these animals often land on wild leaves or wild grass. In the area where we live, there are lots of grasshoppers both in the rice fields and on plantations and these animals are also considered pests by farmers. The reason farmers consider this animal a pest is because grasshoppers often land on the leaves of plants maintained by the community and they bite the leaves so that the leaves become damaged.

Actually, there are many types of grasshoppers, of course each type of grasshopper also has its own beauty. There are also grasshoppers that are large and there are also small ones, grasshoppers have walking legs and jumping legs, again the walking legs are in front and the jumping legs are behind and the jumping legs are also bigger than the walking legs. This animal also has quite large eyes and the eyes also have extraordinary beauty and have quite sharp vision.

Grasshoppers also have wings but the puppeteer's flying system is limited and different from other animals which fly long distances, whereas grasshoppers can fly a certain distance. On the front of the grasshopper it also has a pair of antennae and these antennae are also a means of smell for the grasshopper.

OK, friends, those are some of the pictures that I can show you today and hopefully these pictures can entertain all my friends and make them beautiful pictures for us to look at together. Thank you to all my friends who have given me encouragement and opportunities and see you again later in my next post.

Note, the words I wrote in this article are in Indonesian and I first wrote them in the smartphone notes application section. Then to translate into English I used Google's help.

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