Every PIECE of ME

My eyes have seen the shadows of truth to witness,

I can hear them speaking hurtful words which are my weakness.

I can hear their cries and forgiveness with my ears,

Completely embraced them without any fears.

Even if the world will turn upside down,

I will never let anyone step my crown.

A short poem by: @missdonna

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"Let my EYES do the talking"


My two eyes have been my key to witness the truth. I went downstairs and undress myself to take a shower. I can still remember the scent of the soap rubbed on my skin and happily playing with the bubbles on me. I can hear every drop of the water. When I slowly turn my head back, I was surprised to see a hunger eyes from a small window. The closer I wanted to see it, the farther it fades away. I screamed and banged the door quickly running upstairs. My body was wet and covered with a fluffy towel. I opened the cupboard and took a small knife. I don't know what came to my mind why I need to watch from the septic tank which is the way going down to where I saw the abusive eyes. I hide from the curtain and too nervous watching the block moving and BANG! there he is. I saw him slowly pulling himself out from the septic tank. I was so disappointed. I feel betrayed. All I thought that I was alone in the house but I am not. No matter how close you are to that person if your eyes can tell the truth he doesn't deserve to keep for. My eyes helped me to realize that it's not how do we look at that person but true identity can be discovered if our eyes work for it. If our eyes bring us to Reality.

This happened 9 years ago but it affected me a lot until now. The trauma brought a big impact on my life. I don't want to be surrounded by men (especially strangers) or even I will walk everywhere and seeing a group of men, I will go back and walk away. My social interaction was decreased which's why I became more introverted. I want you to know that I tried many times to engage myself with more people but I couldn't. I don't want to force myself for something that can trigger my trauma. I am happy with where I am now and I am the driver of my own life. My choices, my happiness.

I encourage everyone to speak what they see. Don't allow yourself to be blinded with LIES.

"Word of MOUTH"


Our mouth is so powerful. It can uplift you or it can crash you. I am going to share a painful experience I had when someone degraded me for who I am and my capacity. I questioned myself as to where I am wrong? I am the type of person who will invest my time and take risks to make someone successful but the problem is, every time I commit a mistake, all the good things I did turn for nothing. The way I accepted the person in my life is far different when that person pushing me away. Can you imagine someone will tell you that he or she will be happy if you'll die and that person will make a huge celebration if you will be out of this world? That is beyond uncontrollable. Some people are careless of what they uttered. They thought it's just a BIG joke but it isn't. We have to be extra careful if we comment to someone because whatever released from our mouth will stay and those scars you brought to someone's life will be remembered.

It broke my heart when people trying to compare me with others. I have to do this and do that. I fought for what I believe and don't allow someone to dictate what they want you to do. I am the doer of the action, not a follower. Now, how I was able to handle the situation? When people speak hurtful words to me I responded to them with a great reminder. I will correct them for the wrongdoings they did. I should not tolerate it. Help yourself to help others realize that it's not okay to say something bad to others because we are not walking in their shoes.

"Trained EARS"


It is difficult to decide something if you will hear different opinions from the people around you. There are two types for that. The one is helping you to achieve your goals and the other one is influencing you to do something that can put you in danger. As we all know, every time we did great within ourselves such as passing the exam, got promoted in the job, a happy marriage, or a new milestone in life, we received compliments from people who are so proud of what we aim for. They were the ones will say more good things about you. now, if our days are gloomy and broken, some people tend to encourage you to commit something and leads you to pieces. We cannot deny the truth that if there are moments in our lives, we question ourselves, why me? why us? why now? is it unfair?

When you reach the point that you feel empty, never crossed on your mind to do something that sooner you will regret for. The best thing you could do is to try to recall your happiest moments in life or try to approach your loved ones whose intentions are good. I know they are there for you to listen to what weighed you and ready to make your day brighter. Always listen that makes a good purpose on you, not those who will break you.

"Catch up the moments with my HAND"


This is something different on this part. In the past few days, my carpal tunnel syndrome is active. I am a very hard-working woman. I woke up at 5:00 o'clock to ironed the uniforms. I washed clothes every single day. Preparing meals, working in three jobs (2 online- teaching and 1 text-based tutor) and of course blogging here in Hive. You may be asked, do I still have time to unwind? It's a big YES! Being an organized person I was able to manage my time. I have to make sure that everything is balanced. I have to work to make a living and support my family. As long as my hands are strong, I will not stop working. What I worry about the most is, what ifs? what if my hands will be weakened? That's the question.

This is a big lesson to anyone. Used your hands wisely as it was given to you freely. If you think you can do it then go for it. Every opportunity should be grabbed. If you have complete hands then utilize them. Don't let your laziness missed the chances. I can see hard-working disabled people who are motivated to work and they don't allow the hindrances to stop what they love to do. Now, look at yourself in the mirror. Bow your heads and stare at your hands. Are you ready to make a difference? Then start now!

Lastly, being kind to people is unconditional. Do you know the feeling when you help someone? It feels so good right? Try to think, in your years of existence in this world. How many helping hands you shared with everyone? Give what you have and share it. Help those who are needy and offer your hand to those below you. Let our hands serve as a tool to make a change to the lives of the people.



The globe is rotating so as our lives. If we experience the happiness it will not stay forever and if we are in the stage of loneliness they're just temporary. We went through ups and downs and what's the best thing in life is that we are all tested on how to survive from humans and nature. Negativities are present anytime and anywhere it's up to you on how can you pass through all of it. S they commonly say that Life is not perfect. Sometimes we question the people that surround us. Are they the trusty ones? If people play with you then be the best player. If you are trapped in a game then save yourself for victory. Life is life. Full of meanings and experieneces.