Christmas Cactus - History & Care


In North America we call them either a Christmas cactus, a Easter Cactus, or a Thanksgiving Cactus. All three are different types of plants but all look very similar.

The originate from the mountains in Brazil, and Thrive and Rocky and non direct lighting. They love high humidity are definitely a statement piece in any home.

This extravagant looking plant, can bloom multiple times a year if given the right conditions. The blooms last about one to two weeks and then they will naturally fall off.


If you're having trouble with getting your Christmas cactus to bloom, make sure you have it in the right lighting conditions and giving it the proper temperature conditions. This plant will thrive in a south east or west facing window, and you want to give it a little bit of humidity either with grouping it with other plants or just simply making sure the temperatures in your home are proper for growing this plant.


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