Nature macros-Contest - Macro Theme

Hello dear friends of Hive. Once again I return to this great platform after spending several months of many occupations and different activities associated with quarantine.

As soon as I entered to browse I got this interesting contest organized by our friend @badge-696969 where he invites us to share our macro photographs.

I love photography, from my point of view is a way to capture moments, people and places for life. My tool is a low end android cell phone but I try to make the best of it.

I will be participating in the amateur category. Below are my photos:

This is the first peach from the plant I've been taking care of for 5 years, only 4 days ago I realized this nice gift.

Rain always decorates the plants in our garden as well as these peculiarly colored leaves.

Who would have thought that this small weed that looks harmless in a few days would end up as a weed in the whole garden.

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