Winter Urban Monochrome

I like to live in winter monochrome, among which some bright elements suddenly appear. Sometimes I look for them on purpose, but more often it happens as a discovery. We simply don't notice a lot in the multicolorality of other seasons, and winter shows the charm of objects hidden earlier behind the green or yellow foliage of trees. Those things that do not argue with flower beds and bright clothes of passers-by begin to please me in winter, contrasting with white snow and dark graphics of bare trunks and branches.


Yesterday we came to the beach to feed the ducks. However, a flock of ducks flew away somewhere and met the bare ice. But I suddenly saw something I hadn't noticed before: this bright thing in the fence of the bridge and this sign next to it.


I didn't even take a photo with the sign brighter. I liked that everything on it is the same as it was in the reality of a cloudy day.


But even without bright objects, I like this state of winter landscapes, where you already pay attention to the graphics of everyday things, like this bridge fence. I regret that I did not attach importance to the object that protrudes over the ice. It could be inscribed into the gap of the fence by slightly changing the angle.


This means that I will definitely go back there and do everything right.


This tunnel, despite its brightness, did not look attractive to me in contrast to the green lawn, and now it is simply magnificent. Well, so it seems to me. I don't like the combination of red and green, and in summer I try to ignore it.


Even elements such as trash cans and unsightly benches become significant in the overall monochrome landscape and they can already be relied upon in organizing the composition of the frame. I was photographing this from the car window on the move, I didn't have time to somehow build everything thanks to these bright spots.


The scoreboard of the gas station, looking out through the trunks of trees, suddenly made this photo attractive. If there hadn't been that red glow there, there wouldn't have been anything to look at, but with a tiny red glow, it already turned out almost joyfully in the gray of the day.


Camera: Nikon COOLPIX 1.22

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