Romania, so close but unknown...

Hey there, photography lovers, how is your summer going on so far? I hope I find you in a good shape, and you are all safe and sound both physically and mentally.

I am remembering today another summer that was not so hot as this year and it was also full of unexpected discoveries related to places, people and moments from our photographic travel in this colorful and controversial country, Romania.

Bulgaria and Romania are neighbors. The countries entered EU together in 2007 but there are so many differences between them, culturally and historically speaking. Crossing the border changes the perspectives almost instantly.

During that eight days trip we visited many places and as a result I got home with more than a thousand pictures, and this is after I cleaned/deleted those that I think do not deserve to take space on my drives :) We visited few places that were just breathtaking, like Salina Turda, I would say this is an extraterrestrial place which I will cover up in another post, probably a longer travel story as I was truly deeply impressed!

Today, for a start, I am presenting to you few pictures, representing the colors of Romania. Only a few hours drive away yet so different and tempting...












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Have a great day, stay safe, stay strong and let your muse be always on your shoulder!

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