Grass Life Photography - While Walking and Enjoying the sunlight

This morning I walked to get sunlight. The sun shone brightly. I walked around my neighbourhood. I went to the grass area where there is a lot of wild grass growing. I could breathe the fresh air and did sun bathing.

Here are some of the best shots of grass life.

There are many dragonflies in the grass area. This is a green dragonfly. It is a predator. It likes to eat smaller insects or other dragonflies.
It flies around the grass and sticks on branches.
This small butterfly is around 1 cm. It flies everywhere. When it stopped, I took the photo.
This is a wild grass or bush. Most of the grass here is blade grass. There are also pudica trees.
This is a pudica flower. The leaves will close when we touch them. The flower is pink. There is also a white flower pudica. The branches and the twigs have sharp thorns. Bees and butterflies like the pudica flowers.
I do not know the name of this grass. It looks like a corona virus. This is the fruit, not the flower.
Some people like fishing in this area. There is a lake around the grass area. Some fishermen burn the dried grass. This is the appearance of burnt grass after a few days. The shoots of blade grass grow again.
These are tiny flowers of grass. Goats or sheep usually like this kind of grass. It grows on the side of the lake. It looks beautiful in the camera.
Thanks for reading my posts. I hope you enjoy my photos.

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