Solitude; People tend to go away| Photos from an impromptu photo session.

I'm a bit of a solitary person. Often times than not I'll prefer to be alone in my space. I usually tell people that solitude is my safe space. It's where I'm free to be myself without the need to judge or be judged. A place where I can't be misunderstood. Alright! Too much talk.

Last week, I created photos that sort of depicted a state of solitude. But this time, solitude that tends to loneliness. We live in times where people come and go, and it's hard to get genuine people in our circle. Thus the need to be alone. And sometimes alone can be lonely.

Photographing a certain interpretation of solitude wasn't the original plan of the set. I was going for a bit more dramatic or something artsy. Of course the photos are artsy, but it could have been more.


Aside from the story which I tried to create around the outcome of the shoot, I found the colors equally appealing. I made the browns soft on the eyes; especially with addition of light leaks by the side. For an impromptu project, I can say I did pretty well.

It's been over a month since I created my last major project "The Moss Effect". The project is still doing numbers even until now. However, I feel it's time to work on something major again. I've taken a bit of slack because I've been focused on the commercial aspect of my brand. Raising funds hasn't been so important to me as it has been lately.

I'm currently putting pieces together to execute a new project. Execution would be around the end of this month, or the beginning of the next. I can't wait for that to happen. Until then though, enjoy these photos.

Wondering what my lighting setup was? Here's a BTS photo


And here's EXIF data


Let me know in the comments section which frame is your favourite.