Colorgrading is the harmony of colors| Colorful portraits I created for Lenora.

Colors as independent entities are beautiful, but the harmony of them is bliss. It's what color grading is; finding balance with colors.ā£

The major strength of my photography and the selling point of my brand is my ability to play with colors, to deliver stunning images. I've been playing with colors since I started photography in 2018. After doing it consistently over a period of 3 years, I've learned that the best way to color grade a photograph is to ensure that there is harmony between each color in the photograph. Harmony in color grading is to find a balance between each color. To know when a color should be more or less.

Color harmony is a theory I created to explain color grading to people that ask me about it. I don't know if it's an existing theory. I just now Googled it, and it's an already existing theory. It's funny how I didn't know about that until now.

For my photo session with Lenora, I applied the science of color harmony. In this case, it was easier to do, because her outfit and the environment blended seamlessly(red and green in a mix looks really good; feels like Christmas šŸ˜). While red and green can complement each other naturally, without balance the mix can still look awkward.

Check out the portraits I created for Lenora;


Aside from ensuring that the colors were properly blended, I added fades and grains to give the photos some dramatic feel. I really liked it.
We had fun creating these portraits for Lenora. The weather was great, the mood was lit, results were amazing. ā£

What do you think about the colors? Which frame is your favorite?