Box of chocolate and a smile| beauty portraits of Ebiye.

Ebiye possesses my favorite gradient of the melanin skin tone. Photographing her was the most interesting thing I did last week.

With the activities and stress that comes with the end of year, I've been very inactive, working on personal projects. I've loads of mood board compiled, but there's not been an opportunity to execute any.

Last week, I had to make out time to do something. To create stuff for my satisfaction. I got bored and frustrated with doing normal client jobs. With the desperation for personal content, I hit up a makeup artist. Beauty portraits would be the easiest thing to pull off under short notice: I decided.

I sent the makeup artist my moodboard and she obliged to work on the project with me. She also suggested we used a model she was going to provide. I was reluctant at first because, I didn't want her to bring a model that'll prove difficult to photograph. After a bit of back and forth, I succumbed. At least the whole gig was free, and there weren't going to be any losses.

On the day of the shoot, I saw Ebiye(the model) and I was glad I succumbed to the makeup artist's decision. Ebiye's skin tone was my favorite gradient of melanin. It's the shade of melanin I usually revert to when I shoot a darkskin model. And she was having it naturally. Beyond her skin tone though, she has one of the prettiest smile I've seen. Photographing her was suck a big joy.


I've been gushing over these portraits of Ebiye. I'm sure you find the photos interesting too. Lemme know in the comments section which photograph is your favorite.

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