Afro red riding "no hood"| Unconventional birthday portraits created for Ima!

It's been over one week since I was last seen on Hive. I've been choked with loads of sorting and editing from wedding events over 2 weekends. In the course of the week(last week) though, I was able to create birthday portraits for Ima.

Ima's sample photos for what she wanted amazed me. It was amazing because the kind of photos she wanted, weren't the kind of photos people like to shoot for birthdays.

Down this way, there's a usual pattern or style for birthday portraits. It's on rare occasions that you find people willing to do something unconventional for their birthday portraits.

The narrative is gradually changing though. Lately, I realized people are starting to buy the idea of trying different things for their birthdays. Especially shooting outdoors. Not just shooting outdoors, but with a different twist or vibe.

For Ima, her request was appropriately met by me, as I created amazing portraits for her birthday. She wanted photos in a natural environment, preferably with loads of greens. And everything checked.

Check out Ima's birthday photos;


I was impressed by the results from this session, particularly by the colorgrading pattern I went with. Before arriving at my final decision, I tried many other color patterns. But I didn't feel them as much as I felt this one. Everything blended perfectly and it was so good on the eyes.

A lot of people felt the same too, as they shared their sentiments on my comments section on Instagram. The photos also opened up a way to see a different kind of photos for their birthdays. I had loads of prospective clients saying they'd love a photo like that for their birthdays, and I couldn't feel more excited about that.

What kind of photos do you like for your birthdays? Which of the photos did you like more?

Lemme know in the comments section what your thoughts are.