Photography Lovers End of Year Contest

Hello Photography Lovers, I saw the contest for the best photos of the year we've taken and decided to join in the fun and put some of mine out there. I'm blown away by everyone elses entries I see, well done to each of you, so many people here on Hive have an amazing eye for detail and skill with camera.


This first one means a lot to me, because it was the first day in over a year I had been out filming a music video, or really anything for that matter. I got a call from a new client asking about a music video and I agreed, we had to organise it for a day when I wasn't working, we worked really well together and shot the whole video in one day. I'll write a post up specifically about the video and song soon.


Here's a picture I took of a local heritage site, The Black Castle. For what is little more than a few pillars of old stone resting atop a slate cliff now, it has hundreds of years of history dating back to the 1100's, built during the Second Norman Invasion of Ireland. I made a short documentary on the subject with some friends, which was enjoyable to make and discuss somewhere that most people walk past without giving a second glance.


I really liked this, but there isn't a lot to say about it. After putting some weight on over lockdown I started going out for walks either day or night, and one night while crossing the river I thought the reflections on the water looked nice so stopped to admire it.


The local golf club is a spot which I've never really been to, but during the summer they opened the land up to the public for walkers to enjoy. I decided to take a rest in the shade for a few minutes and while looking out over the town during the really nice day I decided to take a photo.


If anyone has seen the show Vikings you might recognise Kattegat the main settlement in the show, one morning I took a picture of the main gate as I was passing by it on my way to sign in. I loved working for the new show Valhalla and am raring to get back out there for the Third season. Skol.

Thinking back on it, 2021 has been pretty eventful for me to be honest, but, I just hope 2022 is better for all of us. Cheers.

All photos were taken on my Samsung Galaxy A71.

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