Market Friday: visiting my neighbours’ garden.

Since the disappearance of my original orange cat, who later migrated to the next house, from my neighbours’ house; I had no excuses to drop by their house as often as I wanted. I used to visit my grandma cat every few weeks just to make sure she still remembered me. The lady of the house told me that she was very sorry that she didn’t have the chance to hold the orange cat; she was held back from showing her affection because she was allergic to cats’ hair. Everyone in that house adored the lovely and gentle orange cat.

Unfortunately, her son became seriously ill after being fully vaccinated; a pervasive brain tumor appeared out of the blue and went wild in one month. Luckily, the operation was successful and the courses of treatments went according to plan. He had a fast recovery and got his memory in tact. The rehabilitation process and regular exercises coupling with lots of vitamins and supplements gave the whole family much hope for full recovery. So, my neighbours had gone through some tough time lately. They had to take turn being with their son in another city so the garden has been somewhat neglected.

I decided to drop by their house to see how the lady was doing on her own. She was quite glad to have someone to talk to and listened to all her worries and good news. Her son’s health has much improved that he could go jogging. It turned out that his father was a much better nurse than his mother. We had a chat about all the organic food and vitamins that he has been taking. He did a lot of research on the internet to find out about latest papers on his conditions. I was glad that the whole family was no longer burdened by fear and anxiety. The elderly lady could now get on with her plants and gardening.

I was quite amazed by lots of pot plants along the driveway; it seemed she liked red flowers a lot. My neighbour was very kind and allowed me to take photos of all her plants. She did offer me some pot plants for which I politely declined the offer. I told her that we had no space left for pot plants and that I would focus on edible or herbal plants for the unpredictable future.

She showed me the only orchid plant in bloom; it has started blooming over a month ago. So some flowers have started to fade. This winter would see more orchids blooming in her garden. She told me to come back for more photos of orchids. I quite liked the collection of her foliage plants under the bamboo clusters. I would like to suggest to her to get rid of one bamboo cluster as it would cause a lot of problems in the future, but I decided to keep my opinion to myself.

This elderly couple are crazy about gardening and they love all their plants and possessive if their trees. The lady would favour flowering and decorative plants while her husband prefers to plant fruit trees around the house. We would be given various fruits when they are in seasons. The husband often teased his wife about getting rid of pot plants to make more space for fruit trees. On the other hand, the lady would like to cut down some big or old fruit trees to put in more pot plants. They knew how to never having a dull moment.

When I had bought extra medicinal plants (Kratom), I would give one plant to the lady so that her family could make use of these leaves in the future. My gardener has been chewing one leaf every week which seemed to work out nicely. I was hoping that my neighbours would have various kinds of herbal plants. But the lady has been very keen on cacti, orchids and foliage plants. Thai people believe that colorful foliage would bring good luck and money. So, the prices of these humble plants have gone through the roof!

I was quite impressed by my neighbour’s tenacity in staying alone by herself in the house while her husband and son were located in the big city to be closer to the hospital. I guessed she would have the peace of mind to start doing gardening again. The good news was that her son would be moving back to the house by the end of the year. So I was hoping that the whole family would be having a warm celebration during the New Year holidays. By that time more orchid blossoms could be expected in my neighbours’ garden. I would be dropping by again for my photography!

Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.

#marketfriday by @dswigle.

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