Happy Caturday: orange cats chilling in the afternoon.

My Caturday post is still trying to catch up with i past, so time present has become a bit far fetch at the moment. I wondered when I would be able to catch up with time present. So, I asked my cats whether they had the concept of time and long term memory. But they always reminded me when it’s time for their dinner and tea time. They would sit quietly looking at me while I had my tea break; so I had to give them some snacks. I could read their mind, they were thinking that life was rather unfair “how could you enjoy your snack while we had nothing?!” So, I had to move fast to show them that there’s hope for fairness in this world.

They often sat quietly on the staircase while gazing into the space in front of them for a few hours without moving. That caused me to be suspicious if their hidden ability of astral projections or traveling in other dimension mentally. I couldn’t understand how these cats could sit still and watch the same view for hours. They must have been deep in thought or trance like meditation.

So, I had to try to turn their attention to the ‘real’ world in the moment. I persuaded them to follow me into the yard to exercise the muscles. They then plonked down to have a rest on the warm concrete floor. The smaller cat, Kwan, liked to roll her body from left and right several times. She might think that’s a good way to reduce her waist line. Both cats were getting much heavier too fast. So, they should spend more time playing or running around the garden. I hoped that they would eat less as they got older. The important thing was to make sure they would always be healthy and strong with flexible body and alertness.

It was good to see that they liked to spend their late afternoon on the front yard where the cement floor was still warm. They had a good view of the front gate where they could see the black dog and later a brown dog marching by. Sometimes the younger cat, Kwan, would jump on her brother and made him angry. It seemed to be her habit to attack her brother unaware and got chased by his anger. These cats had their own world of reality and have been quite happy sharing my garden with me. Adopting an orange cat five years ago had been one of my best decisions.

Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.

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