Beautiful Sunday: late again at the riverfront.

What a busy day it has been! That’s why I was late at the riverfront but luckily a beautiful sunset was waiting for me. I arrived by the river when the sun was about to retire for the day. We did a lot of work in the garden, I had an extra helper today. He was very good at trimming branches and cutting grasses. He’s my gardener’s neighbour; they could work nicely as a team.

The weatherman was wrong about the weather since yesterday. Weather forecasters here have been fear mongering about the adverse impact of the storm in Japan on Thailand. Yesterday there was not a single drop rain and I was expecting some heavy rain during the night. The dry and warm day made it possible for me to trim eight plants while the gardening team had to cut all the protruding branches by the fence. I also tested the small electric brush cutter. There seemed to be a problem with the motor. It went quiet after twenty minutes.

I looked at my watch and had to quickly get organised for my evening walk by the river. I decided to cycle instead as it would be faster for me to reach the river. I had to check the tires and adjust the seat before starting my short journey. I did notice that the sun set a bit earlier this week. The sky became dimmer too quickly. I thought I have missed the sunset as I was a bit late, thirty minutes, in leaving the house. I had to make sure my cats were inside the house and I had to feed them at usual time.

After testing the new bike a few times, I began to get the hang of this bike. It’s lighter than most bikes with good speed but it was quite slippery on dirt road. The sensation of moving along the river as if I was sitting on a magic carpet was very exhilarating. It’s the freedom of movements and speed that amazed me. The person who invented bicycles must have been genius. Cycling is a very liberating experience, I could reach my destination faster at a cheap cost.

At first I thought the sun was angry with me for being late. But the sun was very generous and kind; the sun decided to come out of the clouds to share with me beautiful orange glows. I couldn’t believe my luck as the sunset seemed to last longer than usual. Perhaps the sun and Mother Nature have exercised special magic to reward me for my hard work in the garden during the last few days. I was privy to a beautiful light show during my cycling exercise. I turned out to be the last cyclist left on the riverfront; other cyclists and joggers had already returned to their houses.

I had my small torch light with me so I could cycle home comfortably. My tiredness went away after seeing the beautiful sunset. My brain started to work more energetically. I had no complaints about the hard and physically demanding work. So long as my spirit could remain energised and the weather continues to be bright and sunny, I could remain steadfast in my duty and responsibility. After saying goodnight to the sunset, river and Mother Earth; I cycled home with joyful heart.

Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.

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