Rafting, an exciting moment to stimulate the family's adrenaline

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This is our first experience trying the thrill of rafting, my first child has been collecting information about Gayo Adventure who manages rafting there and always asks me to take the time to feel the sensation of riding an inflatable boat on a fast-flowing river. I totally agree and support it. This is a very good idea, togetherness and affection among family members will be stronger.

I came with a family of 5 adults and brought 3 children who are still minors and the manager of the Rafting Rafting Lukup Badak Gayo Adventure has allowed these children to experience an adrenaline-pumping sensation. However, because there are children who are still underage, we have to take a family trip.

For family trips. We had to rent 2 inflatable boats because one inflatable boat can only be followed by a maximum of 6 people. According to the manager, it is for the safety and security of the rafting participants. No problem, for the safety and security of all, it is everyone's priority.

For family trips, the river current is only level 0.5 (from number 1 to number 10 levels of difficulty and current challenge in rafting).

We also took extreme trips with the difficulty level and the current challenge being at level 2. The level 2 difficulty level is a fast current challenge that is allowed for beginners without the need for practice and only accompanied by 1 professional person as a tour guide. From November to February every year, this river will increase its difficulty level to level 4 to level 5 because the water discharge is high.

Here are some of the fun that I and my family had while trying to get our adrenaline going:

Hopefully this post of mine can inspire you to try also the exciting experience of adrenaline rushing in a fast-flowing river.
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