Matti's Tenth Monthsary Pictorial

Summer in the Philippines means the sea is calm, the skies are blue, the weather is fine, and the beach is occupied with so many beach lovers! But for this Matti's monthly photoshoot, we headed to a resort which we know won't have that many people around, Flower Beach and Diving Resort.

True enough, when we reached the resort, there were only a few people around. It was already a quarter to four when we reach the location. we took photos immediately while the sun was still up.

The first set was with the DIY boat and fishing rod made by my husband, we definitely treasure these accessories because they were made with love. My husband made the boat from scratch and I appreciated his efforts. Matti's costume were all from his closet, we didn't buy anything, except we borrowed the cap from my nephew.





The second set was when he wore the rash guard which was not intended for the photoshoot but because he will be swimming after the shoot, again, the water was super inviting that we already planned to take a swim while we were still walking towards the beach.




Also, we bought some beach toys for him to play with. I was surprised that he was very interested in the toys and the sand! He played around and would even attempt to place the toys into his mouth.

The photoshoot went very smoothly and I post-processed it with Adobe Lightroom.

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