Gecell Portraits

There was a time in my life pre-motherhood when I enjoyed taking portrait shots for free. I wanted to learn a lot of things regarding this side of photography that I would ask my sister in law, Gecell to be a model.


She would gladly agree and since I was based back then in Cebu City, we would usually do our fun portrait sessions whenever I go home to Bohol with my husband. Gecell is my brother's wife and she also loves the camera.


The location here was just a few minutes away from our house. It is owned by one of my father's friends and we were allowed to take photos here for free!





Post processing the images taken was a thing that I was scared before. I am not confident with playing with the colors and I had a love for golden hour tone thus the photos here show tints of yellow.

Let's see how this post processing journey of mine evolved. I will share more photos of Gecell in the next days.