Photography | The view of the beauty of my village in the rice planting season

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Hello friend #hive everything.


The village is a wonderful place for us to stay.
The village is also the best place for us to grow crops.

This is my village, the village I love the most, because my village is everything to me.
All my family and friends are here. The village is a cool and peaceful place for us to live in

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The fresh air and green leaves and the sound of birds that always reminded me that my village was the most beautiful village.
Birds chirping in the cool morning, the sound of crickets and other insects roaming beautifully.

All we can enjoy living in the village, we can pass the childhood beautifully, many friends and what we can get.
The village is the most beautiful place for me.
All childhood can be enjoyed until adulthood.

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The blue sky and green rice always remember that the village is a very cool place, when the rice planting season comes, we always go to the fields together to help our parents.

The greenness of the rice that is just ready to be planted makes these eyes fresh and shining, the blue sky makes the atmosphere even more beautiful when we look at our clean and green rice.

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The wind was blowing, the leaves swaying as if they wanted to wave where you were going. In the evening, we are in the village, we can release our tiredness when we look at the green rice like a beautiful, decorated girl.

It is interesting to look at and makes the atmosphere and situation even more eager to always plant crops, because it is a memory that we can always remember in our minds when we are together with our parents helping each other and working together.

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As far as we go, the village is our last place to live, all of us will return to the village with our parents, the village is where I grew up, all the hard work is always felt together.

There is no point in wealth and success if we forget where we came from and where we grew up.
I am very proud to be a country boy who always enjoys the beauty of nature with fresh and cool air every morning and evening.

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Enjoy the natural beauty of my village.
From Indonesia, North Aceh.

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LocationAceh Indonesia