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About Me

I am a single dad of a gorgeous little girl who is nine years old, is based in the south of Sydney.

During the last three years on and off, I ultimately re-discovered my passion for photography and art.

Photography is more of a part-time hobby for me, I know one day I will be able to travel more and make it my life.

Late 2019, I was able to travel to Iceland, and this allowed me to fulfil my dream of going overseas again purely for my photography.


With my photography, I am proud to have earned some general awards such as

Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2021
– Single Shot (Highly Commended)

RISE International Photography Awards 2020
– Landscape (1 Bronze, 1 Silver Awards)

Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2020
– Landscape finalist x 2 (Highly Commended 2020)

Australian Photographer of the Year
– Landscape finalist (High Commendation 2019, High Commendation 2018, Commendation 2017)

Australian Photographer of the Year
– Photo of The Year finalist (High Commendation 2019, Commendation 2018)

Special thanks to @intrepidphotos for inviting me here!

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