Snapshots on a Rural Walk

We've been off the grid most of yesterday attending a funeral until 1 pm and driving to another place afterwards to visit a dearest friend who, although we are virtually connected and talk occasionally, we have not seen each other for quite a long while.

In between those trips (on the walk to and from the funeral specifically), we enjoyed some landscapes and flowers.

We were informed in advanced that parking spaces at the venue were already full so we left our car at an aunt's place along the main street then walked our way down to the funeral through a narrow yet paved rural road where most of these were photographed.

The flowers are simply hard to ignore and irresistible, hence these photos. Some people who were walking past us stared, probably wondering why I keep taking photos, lol! I went on anyway, pointing my phone camera at these stuff for clicks.

Citron Daylily or Long Yellow Daylily outside a house along the sidewalk.

Red Granadilla or Scarlet Flame climbing over another house's fence.

This bunch is a variety of Garden Geranium. Taken along the walkway to (from) a mini-store.

It took us about 30 minutes to arrive at the venue. The walk may have been shorter if we didn't stop now and then for views and the photos.

The burial mass started at half-past 10 and lunch followed around mid-day. We spent an hour more chit-chatting with some of the husband's relatives before we bade goodbye and walked back to where we parked, capturing some more photos along the way of the things missed earlier.

But perhaps the highlight of the walk (for me) was this sleeping pup whom we came across on the exit route from a mini store where we detoured to buy a bottle of water. As if someone intentionally placed that ball of moss in front of his nose.😅

"Is he dead?" the husband asked then gently touched the pup's feet. The little guy hardly opened his eyes for a second, stretched his legs only to curl them back in then went to sleep, lol!

Would you have the heart to wake him up? I would don't.😅 And so we left him be, but not without some giggles because of how adorable and amusing he looked.

We drove to my friend's place around 2:30pm and spent the rest of the day catching up. When we got out of their house, the sun hath already set leaving golden hues on the horizon so we headed back home.

It's the hump day for us and we were supposed to be on the road to a nearby province for some rendezvous but life happened so next time perhaps?😁

Photos are my own. 29032023/10:28ph

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always!

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