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Perfect light and color gradation

When we talk about photography, what comes to our mind is of course playing with perfect light, so today I got a pretty exotic photo on the lake with quite beautiful colors and perfect color gradations between yellow and orange as well as combinations with colors blue.


Momentum waiting for it Sunset or sunset is a very eagerly awaited moment where the time only passes for about a few seconds before the sun actually sets and loses its beautiful color.


Getting beautiful photos of course we need a little more sacrifice in order to get maximum results,And of course this requires considerable patience and a very strong sacrifice in order to get interesting photos.


Therefore, we can conclude that behind good and beautiful photos, of course there are interesting stories that are interesting for us to know, that to get some good photos of course there is a big sacrifice behind it, I hope you like my post this time and these photos I took using a Nikon d5600

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